Learn A New Language


In school, teachers usually teach the “phonebook” method of learning a language. With this memory technique you were given a list of vocabulary words to memorize, along with their meaning. The object is to repeat the word so often it will “stick” in your memory, and then you can move on to another word. This [...]

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Bring Chi to Your Brain


Are you looking for happiness and it simply slips away from you? Are you so stressed out that that can only think of all the problems you are having and don’t know how to fix them, or don’t know which one to work on first? How’s your memory? Too much stress will make it harder [...]

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How To Memorize Words Faster And Better


This is the old fashioned, traditional vocabulary improvement method used for a long time in schools as a language learning technique. You probably used this in your primary and high school foreign language classes as homework. Remember your teacher going "I want you to memorize the words on the list at page 5, take them one by one and learn what they mean".

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Five Easy Tips on How to Memorize Bible Scriptures


Five Easy Tips on How to Memorize Bible Scriptures Ron White the National Memory Champion has taught people for years how to memorize scripture.  This article has some good information. Reading the Bible is no easy task, let alone memorizing the whole thing. It requires introspection and a deep appreciation of the Christian faith. But [...]

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