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Learn A New Language


In school, teachers usually teach the “phonebook” method of learning a language. With this memory technique you were given a list of vocabulary words to memorize, along with their meaning. The object is to repeat the word so often it will “stick” in your memory, and then you can move on to another word. This [...]

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Story Telling as a Memory Technique


Working memory is something you use when you only need information for a short period of time (short-term memory). An example would be when you are trying to call a service repair shop, you look up the number and repeat it to yourself until you dial the phone successfully. Since you probably won’t need it [...]

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Try This Simple Memory Technique


Two-time USA Memory Champion and memory keynote speaker Ron White shares his thoughts on this simple memory technique. ‘Mnemonics’ is an often-used term for other word association memory techniques – like the ‘method of loci’ system. It isn’t difficult and can actually be fun. There is no pressure to perform, so it takes the stress [...]

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Improve Your Study Skills And College Won’t Be So Hard


Ron White memory guy and two-time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert and memory speaker shares with you some thoughts on attaining better grades in college: Students often want to know what skill will need to improve grades. After consulting with a lot of experts and teachers, and through building my memory training workshops, I [...]

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The Amazing Super Brain Food – Omega 3


Two Time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert, and memory keynote – Ron White, shares his thoughts on the amazing benefits of Omega-3. We all have moments of short-term memory loss, like when we forget where we put our car keys, or forgot to pick up something at the store. Those bouts are pesky, but normal occurrences. For those who suffer from more frequent “Senior Moments” this is a growing concern. Is there a simple memory improvement pill or something that will help you? Memory loss can come from a variety of different things – like diabetes, dehydration, illness, low iron and calcium levels, and heart problems that restrict flow of oxygen to the brain. There is also the onset of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, that will inhibit the body’s memory system.

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Tips To Memorizing Scripture


Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert and memory keynote speaker Ron White shares his thoughts on memorizing Bible Scriptures. How is it possible that some people are able to memorize scripture? Simply reading the Bible takes a lot of deep thought, and concentration. It is no easy task, no matter how smart the person is, nor how much education they have. There are no easy memorizing tricks to learning and retaining Bible scriptures. There are tips, however, and I would be more than happy to share them with you.

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Building Comprehension with Speed Reading


Two Time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert and memory keynote Ron White shares his thoughts on how every learner should develop the comprehension skills speed reading enhances to become a more efficient reader. When we read we use different methods for different subject matter. For instance, when we read a geometry book we read at a slower rate that we would if we were reading the bulleting board. Because the material is more technical you want to soak in the information and sometimes that requires going back over it again. With the bulletin board you read over the notes quickly until something catches your eye that you may want to write down or remember. In both cases you are trying to comprehend what you are reading, just in a different way and at a different speed.

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Eight Top Brain Foods


Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert and memory keynote Ron White shares his thoughts on brain foods to increase your memory capacity. The American diet does not exactly help in boosting your brain capacity or how to remember. In fact, it does just the opposite by slowing down the body, adding increased weight, and keeping your mind sluggish. A poor diet not only affects your body, but your mind.

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Learning Language Through Imagery


Ron White the US National Memory Champion teaches keys to memory. In this article we will get into how your senses can be used to help you learn language – either a foreign language or to improve your vocabulary. Many memory centers encourage memorization and vocabulary as a way to learn a new language. They believe this will help you to start “thinking” in that language because you won’t have to keep looking up words and meanings. I want to give you a couple of tips to help you not only memorize faster, but retain it longer.

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Proton Therapy More Non-Invasive For Brain Cancer


The brain is your command center. It sends signals to all parts of your body on how to work, how to understand what you see and hear, and stores your memories. So, if damage is done to the brain – through traumatic injury or cancer, the brain is not able to complete the commands. When a person has brain cancer there are several common treatments available: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of both (Avoiding treatment is not recommended). Another alternative, that is not as common and non-invasive, is “Proton Therapy.”

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