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Not So Secret Techniques to Improve Memory


With only a handful of exceptions, like those with true eidetic or superior autobiographical memory, experts are born with normal brains, just like you and me. If you want to enhance your memory, and improve your quality of life by getting better grades, or remembering important clients names, you will need to learn the memory [...]

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History Has Improved Memory Techniques


Even cavemen had to remember things they saw and sensed in order to survive, so the search for the way to retain memory has been around since the beginning of our time. Cavemen learned through observation, experience, repetition and trial-and-error – much the way we learn today. The poet Simonides, in 477 B.C., came up [...]

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Memory as a Personal Success Tool


Can you look up to someone who has seen you every weekday morning for five years and still can’t get your name right? How about the person who goes to meetings unprepared because he left his briefcase in the car? When you attend a business conference and the featured speaker is looking at his notes [...]

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5 More Test-Taking Memory Tips


Taking tests is so stressful, and many people have a difficult time getting through them because they are putting so much pressure on themselves to do well. There are many who have memorized all the material and can recite it forward and backwards, but as soon as they enter the testing room everything they learned [...]

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Important Test-Taking Memory Tips


These memory strategies have been taught for years by the top memory training experts, and probably are nothing new to you, but can’t hurt to go over them again now, can it? They have withstood the test of time, and are designed to help you pass your test by improving your ability to recall the [...]

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Increase Your Ability to Remember Names


No matter where I go I get asked to do some kind of memory challenge. It’s all part of being a memory training expert and two-time U.S. Memory Champion. I don’t mind. It’s not only flattering, but it gives me a chance to practice and tune up my skills, and I really get a kick [...]

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Learning Memory Techniques Will Produce Life-Long Benefits


Ron White, two-time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert, and memory keynote, shares his thoughts on the benefits of improving your memory. There are many benefits to having a better memory – other than being able to find your keys or remember your spouse’s birthday. A good memory will do you well in all [...]

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Ron White Memory Champion covered by Dallas news


White is the nation's reigning memory king, with back-to-back titles at the USA Memory Championship. He holds national memory records. His recall skills are so remarkable, in fact, that the History channel has declared him superhuman.

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