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Improve Your Memory with Images and Association


People tend to remember things they are motivated to remember. If you want to pass that history test bad enough you will study for it and find ways that will help you to remember. You don’t have to be a memory expert to learn how to remember more, you simply have to have the desire [...]

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5 More Test-Taking Memory Tips


Taking tests is so stressful, and many people have a difficult time getting through them because they are putting so much pressure on themselves to do well. There are many who have memorized all the material and can recite it forward and backwards, but as soon as they enter the testing room everything they learned [...]

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Important Test-Taking Memory Tips


These memory strategies have been taught for years by the top memory training experts, and probably are nothing new to you, but can’t hurt to go over them again now, can it? They have withstood the test of time, and are designed to help you pass your test by improving your ability to recall the [...]

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Improve Your Memory With These 10 Easy Tips


It takes much less time and energy than you may think to improve your memory. The main key is to use your imagination, focus on what you are trying to accomplish and follow through. Your mind is capable of all sorts of diverse activities. It is constantly on, there is no ‘turn-off’ switch. In just [...]

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Try This Simple Memory Technique


Two-time USA Memory Champion and memory keynote speaker Ron White shares his thoughts on this simple memory technique. ‘Mnemonics’ is an often-used term for other word association memory techniques – like the ‘method of loci’ system. It isn’t difficult and can actually be fun. There is no pressure to perform, so it takes the stress [...]

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Techniques To Help Build Your Memory


Two-time USA Memory Champion; memory training expert and memory keynote speaker Ron White shares his thoughts on how to improve your memory. Most people have a hard time remembering abstract information, such as a numbers sequence. This is one of the things that separate those with eidetic memory (total recall) from those with great, but [...]

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Ron White Memory Expert Gives Memory Tips


Trust your memory! One of the best tips I received from World Memory Champion Ben Pridmore was to trust my memory. I would tell him that I could memorize a deck of cards in about 2 minutes and I wanted to get faster. His advice to me was to trust my memory more. He said, ‘Go faster and just trust that your memory will remember it.’ That was precious advice to me as I became the national memory champion.

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