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Exercise – The Memory Jolt


Two Time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert and memory keynote Ron White shares his thoughts on how exercise can aid in memory improvement. Studies are currently underway to determine the benefits of exercise to improve your memory, as well as your overall health. It has long been know that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and cuts down on hypertension, weight gain and blood circulation. Scientists are now learning that anxiety disorders contributing to disconnects and malfunction of the areas of the brain that lead to dementia can also be improved with a regular exercise regiment.

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Learning Language Through Imagery


Ron White the US National Memory Champion teaches keys to memory. In this article we will get into how your senses can be used to help you learn language – either a foreign language or to improve your vocabulary. Many memory centers encourage memorization and vocabulary as a way to learn a new language. They believe this will help you to start “thinking” in that language because you won’t have to keep looking up words and meanings. I want to give you a couple of tips to help you not only memorize faster, but retain it longer.

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MemoryLifter Software Revolutionizes Learning


MemoryLifter is a program that flashes images in front of you, and gives you multiple-choice answers, then scores your progress and time. It is an excellent aid in improving your memory as well as a learning aid for students and adults alike.

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One of the biggest breakthroughs for me in the field of memory training in the last 3-5 years has been Character, Action, Object. This concept has been around longer than 3-5 years, however, this is when I first heard about it. If you want to improve your memory retention of cards or numbers I can’t recommend character, action, object highly enough.


Ron White on Improving Your Child’s Grades


Ron White, memory training guy here! I’d like to address the subject of getting kids to do better in school. What can a parent do to motivate a child to stop fooling around and get better grades? One of the most frustrating sentences a parent can hear from a teacher is: “Johnny is really smart, but he’s lazy.” How can you motivate your child to improve his grades and work up to his potential?

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How to Memorize a Poem


Two time USA Memory Champion and Memory Training Expert Ron White shares his thoughts how to memorize a poem: At the USA Memory Championship there is an event where you see who can memorize the most words from a poem in 15 minutes. Currently a high school student holds this record, Michael Glantz. He memorized [...]

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Ron White on Defining Memory


We all experience memory lapses from time to time. It’s not unusual and for the most part nothing to worry about. As we age, and the lapses come more often, we start to worry that other things may be going wrong – like the beginning of Alzheimer’s or dementia. According to Webster’s Dictionary, memory is "the mental capacity or faculty of retaining or recalling facts, events, impressions or previous experiences." Science defines memory in six different phases:

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What makes an exercise Neurobic?


To begin with, not everything that's novel or new provides the kind or strength of nerve cell stimulation that is necessary to activate new brain circuits and enhance neurotrophin production. For example, if you normally write with a pen and one day choose to write everything in pencil, you've broken your routine and are doing something new. So, in some small way, you've changed the patterns of activity in the parts of your brain activated by touching. But such a small change wouldn't recruit new sensory associations important enough to engage the circuitry required to really exercise your brain.

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Foods that help your memory


Your brain is like any other part of your body, the better that you treat it through good nutrition and exercise the better that it will work for you. The months prior to a memory tournament I want to prepare my body and brain to be in top shape, because they work in tandem.

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