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5 More Test-Taking Memory Tips

5 More Test-Taking Memory Tips

Taking tests is so stressful, and many people have a difficult time getting through them because they are putting so much pressure on themselves to do well. There are many who have memorized all the material and can recite it forward and backwards, but as soon as they enter the testing room everything they learned […]

How Good At Taking Tests Are You?

What happens to you when you have to take a test for school or your job? Some people aren’t good at test taking or say they are bad test takers. Everyone undergoes anxiety in some form when faced with a test, but there are millions of people who go through more than just sweaty palms […]

Preparing for the Bar Exam

You have gone through three grueling years of law school and are ready to get your feet wet in the real world,  but before becoming a practicing attorney you have to jump through one more hoop – studying for the Bar Exam. The bar exam is scheduled to take place twice a year, and is […]

Memory Training To Ace a Military Exam

As a veteran of the U.S. Military myself, and a veteran of Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom 2007), I am passionate about helping those in the military, or thinking about a career in the military, to improve their conditions. One way I can continue to help my fellow veterans and soldiers is to show you how […]

Important Test-Taking Memory Tips

These memory strategies have been taught for years by the top memory training experts, and probably are nothing new to you, but can’t hurt to go over them again now, can it? They have withstood the test of time, and are designed to help you pass your test by improving your ability to recall the […]

Omega 3 May Improve Test Scores in Children

Omega 3 May Improve Test Scores in Children Venice, FL (PRWEB) August 26, 2011 The study will be conducted by AMBO Foods, makers of the Omega Cookie, and will focus on how omega 3 from broad spectrum fish oil increases the testing scores of pre-collegiate students at The Larsen Learning Center. Also to be studied […]

Improve Your Study Skills And College Won’t Be So Hard

Ron White memory guy and two-time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert and memory speaker shares with you some thoughts on attaining better grades in college: Students often want to know what skill will need to improve grades. After consulting with a lot of experts and teachers, and through building my memory training workshops, I […]

Don’t Miss Out On Vacation While Preparing For College Admissions

Getting into college has become more and more competitive. In order to get a leg up you need to be prepared. There are college admission tests, the SAT, ACT and scholarship applications to complete. Any student willing to go that extra mile to learn how to get a better grade on the tests, and understand what is expected in the applications, will have an advantage over the rest of the pack trying to get into college.

DeStress The SAT by Playing Games!

Taking any test is stressful, but the SAT is like the granddaddy of all stressors for a teenager. Parents just don’t get it sometimes. They are putting pressure on their child to do well in school, get into a good college, and live up to their expectations. Kids want to be their own person, and believe it or not, they probably put more pressure on themselves than you can. They don’t need you on their back telling them they aren’t doing well – they already know that. Those who are good students feel they could do better, and those who aren’t know they aren’t. You don’t have to stay on their back to push them further. Don’t underestimate your child!