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Memory Is Greatly Affected By Metabolic Diseases


When you body is not able to break down and absorb food correctly, it has an affect on how your brain functions. Metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, can cause havoc throughout your body, and especially with your brain when it comes to memory and cognitive functions. If your body is not able to absorb the [...]

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Estimating Can Be Influenced By How Your Body Leans


There are times in our lives when we make estimates about something - how far you have to travel, how long a task should take, how much to quote a customer for a job, etc. According to a research study from the Netherlands, people make their estimates based on the way their body is leaning. [...]

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Coffee Break Boosts Memory


Here’s something to take to your boss to convince him/her that a coffee break will improve your performance. According to a published study in Neuron, “A coffee break after an important meeting or class may be just the thing your brain needs to digest new information and improve memory.” (Note: a coffee break does not [...]

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Vicious Mugging Changes Man’s Brainwaves


Little did Jason Padgett, of Tacoma, Washington think that the vicious mugging he received when he left a karaoke club ten years ago was going to be a positive thing. He thought he was going to die when the attackers continued to kick him in the head just to steal his $99 leather jacket. The [...]

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Hippocampus Key to Taxi Drivers’ Brain Changes


The workings of the hippocampus area of our brain are still mysterious to neuroscientists. This is the area of the brain that plays an important part in consolidating information in order to process it through the short-term and long-term memory. What secrets lay behind the hippocampus? Does it have a visual map that lays out [...]

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Anxiety Triggers Hoarding


We are becoming increasingly conscious of the number of people there actually are in this world who hoard, largely due to a popular reality show, “Hoarders.” As many of us watch the show in awe we have to believe that there is some type of mental disorder that kicks in and causes otherwise “normal” people [...]

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Results of Survey Identifies 5 Surprising Brain Health Tips


A recent survey conducted by the website “Lumosity” found five surprising tips that can improve brain health. In order to be better ‘brain stewards’ we should learn as much as possible about the way our brain works, how we can strengthen the connections and build new neurons (brain cells), and things we can change in [...]

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Does Subliminal Learning Work?


Back in the 1970s students were told that if they put headphones on and listened to their lessons they would remember them and be able to ace their test the next day. Some people even thought that if they put their textbook under their pillow the lessons would leech into their brains while they were [...]

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Your Ability to Forgive Can Save Your Memory


It may seem like a stretch between memory and forgiveness, but there actually is a link. The link is depression. When you have depression, it's more than feeling sad. The feeling is intense, and you have lost interests in things you used to enjoy. It is not a sign of weakness, but a medical illness, [...]

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Intensify Your Memory with Neurofeedback?


Thousands of studies are begin conducted each year on the brain. Neuroscientists are trying to find out how it works in order to find out how all sorts of conditions – from cognitive functions like memory loss and dementia to how to get damaged limbs to work again. Since the brain is the center of [...]

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