Brain Foods

Protect Your Brain with the Antioxidant Astaxanthin


Many refer to the antioxidant Astaxanthin as the world’s best when it comes to protecting you’re your brain as well as your eyes. It is recognized by researchers such as Rudi Moerck, an expert in fats and antioxidants, as “one of the most potent and exciting antioxidants to emerge, and is backed by extensive and [...]

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Spice Up Your Food – Kick Up Your Memory


Science and research has been making fabulous headway in finding foods and exercises that will help us boost our brainpower and improve our health – especially in the areas of circulation, heart disease and memory functions. Although you can’t keep up with every new study out there (and you know I keep trying) there is [...]

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Nature’s Fountain of Youth – Olive Oil


Researchers have found that diets high in olive oil, like the Mediterranean Diet, are healthier for you than most other diets. People living in the Mediterranean Sea area have diets high in omega-3 fish oil and olive oil, both work to unclog arteries of unwanted plaque and boost brainpower. Olive oil, high in mono-saturated fat, [...]

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Waiter, Water Please!


I’m sure you learned in school that more than half of your body is made up of water (newborns are ¾ fluids and ¼ solid body). It is important in plasma, and in and outside our cells. Our skin and body tissues, including our cartilage, are guzzlers, and every part of our body requires quenching. [...]

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Potassium Protects Your Brain Cells


One of the three most important minerals you can have in your body is potassium. It is important for the proper functioning of nearly every cell in your body, and without it we won’t be able to function, and will die. It is important, therefore, that we make sure to have enough potassium in our [...]

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Amazing Value Found in Coconut Oil


Modern scientists are often skeptical of what they call “homeopathic” or old-fashioned medicine that has been practices by natives and older cultures for thousands of years. In recent years, however, they are beginning to see the value brought by some of these medicines and are actually beginning to take them seriously enough to do some [...]

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Ginkgo Biloba’s Affect On Memory Questioned


In a recent (2011) Dr. Oz show indicates that although the Ginkgo Biloba herb has shown to have some value in improving circulation and boosting mood, it has no real value in increasing memory. Other scientific studies have been inconclusive, so why then does this supplement keep rolling off the pharmacy and herb shop shelves [...]

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Help Maintain Memory Fitness With Another Cup Of Coffee


The resurgence of coffee as health benefit is supported by accumulating research. Coffee holds a host of physical — not to mention psychological — benefits which scientists are now beginning to appreciate. If you want to improve your memory should you look into memory training or drinking more coffee? Scientific research suggests that roasted coffee [...]

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Mediterranean Diet Has The Right Balance To Fight Off Dementia


There is no way to avoid aging, but we can find ways to stop our brains from showing the effects. What scientists call “age-related cognitive decline (ARCD)” is a mild deterioration in our memory, the loss of ability to perform simple daily tasks, and the slowing down of our mental process. Causes of this decline [...]

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Gingko Biloba Simply A Free Radical Supplement


Is Gingko Biloba the magic cure for memory loss, or just another “wonder drug” that makes large claims with little backing? Can it be as simple as taking a pill once a day to enhance your memory and fight off Alzheimer’s disease? Although research has been favorable in showing that Gingko Biloba improves memory in [...]

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