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A Young Brain Fights Off Age-Related Memory Problems


Research from the Alzheimer’s Association’s first ever conference, in 2005, shows that it’s never too late to begin putting your mind into top shape for the future. The more you do to be brain healthy the better your chances at preventing disease that could cost your memory – like Alzheimer’s.  Here are a few suggestions [...]

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The Amazing Super Brain Food – Omega 3


Two Time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert, and memory keynote – Ron White, shares his thoughts on the amazing benefits of Omega-3. We all have moments of short-term memory loss, like when we forget where we put our car keys, or forgot to pick up something at the store. Those bouts are pesky, but normal occurrences. For those who suffer from more frequent “Senior Moments” this is a growing concern. Is there a simple memory improvement pill or something that will help you? Memory loss can come from a variety of different things – like diabetes, dehydration, illness, low iron and calcium levels, and heart problems that restrict flow of oxygen to the brain. There is also the onset of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, that will inhibit the body’s memory system.

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Exercise – The Memory Jolt


Two Time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert and memory keynote Ron White shares his thoughts on how exercise can aid in memory improvement. Studies are currently underway to determine the benefits of exercise to improve your memory, as well as your overall health. It has long been know that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and cuts down on hypertension, weight gain and blood circulation. Scientists are now learning that anxiety disorders contributing to disconnects and malfunction of the areas of the brain that lead to dementia can also be improved with a regular exercise regiment.

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Proton Therapy More Non-Invasive For Brain Cancer


The brain is your command center. It sends signals to all parts of your body on how to work, how to understand what you see and hear, and stores your memories. So, if damage is done to the brain – through traumatic injury or cancer, the brain is not able to complete the commands. When a person has brain cancer there are several common treatments available: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of both (Avoiding treatment is not recommended). Another alternative, that is not as common and non-invasive, is “Proton Therapy.”

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Do Crossword Puzzles Help Improve Memory


This drives me nuts :) Who am I? My name is Ron White and I am a memory expert and two time USA Memory Champion. Is it going to hurt? No it won't. Does it exercise your brain? Yes it does! Is it better than nothing? Sure it is! However, if you have a student who wants to memorize all the presidents of the US and you tell that student.

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No More Memory Loss ? Champion Brain Food


Ron White the National Memory Champion is a big proponent of Omega 3. Enjoy this articles explanation... If you suffer from memory loss or attention deficit, there may be a simple and natural solution to provide your brain with the food it needs to reverse these affects and to put you on the road to remembering items that seem to have escaped your thoughts the past few years.

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Top Brain Foods


If you’re looking to improve your memory, reasoning and analytical skills then you’ve got to start with the basics, your diet. The typical American diet doesn’t exactly bolster high mental functioning; rather it serves to expand the ever growing waistlines of the masses. Just like your BMW motorcycle parts need gasoline to function, food is fuel for the human body and the type of fuel we put in our bodies has a direct influence on our overall performance, both mentally and physically. Avoiding certain “stupid” foods and stocking up on more cognizant choices will make a significant impact on your cerebral functioning.

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Foods bad for memory


Just like there are foods that will improve your memory there are things you can put in your body that will hurt your memory. 1. Avoiding medications that cause drowsy can also have a great impact. These medications can linger in your system and cause a cloudy head and hurt the ability to focus. 2. [...]

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