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Your How To Improve Your Memory Video


WATCH THIS VIDEO TO LEARN THE 5 STEPS TO IMPROVING YOUR MEMORY!!!! 2 Time USA Memory Champ, Ron White!!!! Ron held the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA for TWO YEARS! He beat a computer on the History Channel Show, memorized every page of Martha Stewart's magazine on [...]

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Train in stress


The worst enemy to your memory or one of the worst is stress. When you are stressed you will not be able to focus and a lack of focus will kill your memory. When I trained for the USA Memory Championship I hired a former US Navy SEAL, TC Cummings. TC taught me a quote he learned in the SEALs, ‘the more you sweat in times of peace the less you bleed in times of war.'

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How To Memorize Names


What if you could walk into a Chamber of Commerce meeting, meet 100 people and the next week remember all their names? What if you could recall the names of all your customers and call them by name when you see them out on the town? YOU CAN! In Lake Tahoe in March of this [...]

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