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Time Magazine Covers USA Memory Championship


Two time USA Memory Champion and Ron White Memory Expert talks about the video he was a part of for TIME.COM in their coverage of the 2011 USA Memory Championship: It was such fun to be a part of the 2011 USA Memory Championship. Now, true the result of the tournament wasn't the one I [...]

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One of the biggest breakthroughs for me in the field of memory training in the last 3-5 years has been Character, Action, Object. This concept has been around longer than 3-5 years, however, this is when I first heard about it. If you want to improve your memory retention of cards or numbers I can’t recommend character, action, object highly enough.


2011 USA Memory Championship Recap Nelson Dellis Wins – Page 2


This is part 2 of article at Article continues.... My brain was calm, very well rested and I felt good. If I was not to be the winner today it wouldn't be because my brain wasn't ready. It was...

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Memory Training In Stress


To perform under pressure or stress is one of the unique qualities of high achievers. Have you ever known someone with so much talent and skill but in crunch time they just couldn't deliver? Then others who seemed to thrive under pressure and stress? What is the secret? The secret is to keep your nerves in check and remain calm.

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The California Bar Exam Study Techniques


No bar exam is easy. The California bar exam is no exception. More so than in any other jurisdiction in North America, however, the California exam is not only a test of mental stamina, but a test of physical and emotional endurance as well. Some applicants pass on their first attempt. Others take the exam several times before their names finally appear in the Daily Journal as successful applicants.

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Success In Gmat


Over a period of time, the Graduate Management Admission Test, also referred to as GMAT, has gained immense popularity all across the world. For millions of management aspirants, GMAT holds the key to success. It has become the most well known benchmark to assess aspirants before they enter the B school. As a result, the number of applicants appearing for GMAT has increased phenomenally over the past few years.

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Ron White Memory Expert Gives Memory Tips


Trust your memory! One of the best tips I received from World Memory Champion Ben Pridmore was to trust my memory. I would tell him that I could memorize a deck of cards in about 2 minutes and I wanted to get faster. His advice to me was to trust my memory more. He said, ‘Go faster and just trust that your memory will remember it.’ That was precious advice to me as I became the national memory champion.

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Can a young kid learn memory training?


A young boy named Jacob wanted my Nintendo and I told him that I couldn’t just give it to him that he had to earn it. I suggested he earn it by memorizing all the presidents of the USA. He shrugged his shoulders and say, ‘nevermind.’ I say, ‘Jacob, I can teach you how to do this.’ We spent the next hour or so memorizing the presidents using pieces of furniture in his home. He was shocked he could do it and elated to have the Nintendo.

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Ron White Memory Champion covered by Dallas news


White is the nation's reigning memory king, with back-to-back titles at the USA Memory Championship. He holds national memory records. His recall skills are so remarkable, in fact, that the History channel has declared him superhuman.

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