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Speed Reading Tip from Ron White


Two time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert Ron White memory guy shares a tip on speed reading - I just completed teaching my 2 Day Brain Athlete seminar in Singapore and a portion of the two days was devoted to speed reading techniques. The group really enjoyed the material and a few people [...]

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Time Magazine Covers USA Memory Championship


Two time USA Memory Champion and Ron White Memory Expert talks about the video he was a part of for TIME.COM in their coverage of the 2011 USA Memory Championship: It was such fun to be a part of the 2011 USA Memory Championship. Now, true the result of the tournament wasn't the one I [...]

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Tips To Memorizing Scripture


Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert and memory keynote speaker Ron White shares his thoughts on memorizing Bible Scriptures. How is it possible that some people are able to memorize scripture? Simply reading the Bible takes a lot of deep thought, and concentration. It is no easy task, no matter how smart the person is, nor how much education they have. There are no easy memorizing tricks to learning and retaining Bible scriptures. There are tips, however, and I would be more than happy to share them with you.

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Want a bigger brain? Get up and move!


As people get older the area in the brain called the hippocampus begins to shrink. This shrinkage leads to the development of dementia. A Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences study found that those who exercise and push themselves away from the television and computer are not only in better physical shape, but their hippocampus also starts to grow – reversing the aging loss and increasing the brain size and memory function to add years to their life.

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Tips For Getting Good College Grades


Hello, I am Ron White, the National Memory Champion for 2009 and 2010. I have been helping students get better grades for over 20 years, and would like to share some basic tips to help you improve your grades, and your memory. You may think the ones who get the best grades in school are the smartest ones, but actually they may not be. The difference is the ones with the best grades have learned how to develop study skills that help them to retain what they learn and do well in college.

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Brain Food – Eat Your Way To A Stronger Mind


The right food (fuel) will help your memory, allow you to concentrate better, keep you on top of things, reduces stress, and even prevents deterioration of brain cells from dementia. The wrong foods will have the opposite effect – like feeling that you’re in a “fog,” memory lapses, and an overall feeling that you’re just not right.

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MemoryLifter Software Revolutionizes Learning


MemoryLifter is a program that flashes images in front of you, and gives you multiple-choice answers, then scores your progress and time. It is an excellent aid in improving your memory as well as a learning aid for students and adults alike.

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Preparing for the SAT with Ron White the 2 time National Memory Champion


Every Fall, thousands of high school students take standardized tests that will help them get into college. It’s important to know that not all tests are designed the same, nor are they scored the same. With this article we will be addressing the best way to improve study skills to take the four-hour SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test).

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Academic Summer Camps Help Improve SAT Scores


Summer vacation doesn’t have to be boring for youngsters, and summer camp doesn’t have to consist of simple crafts, volleyball and boating. Academic Summer Camps are springing up all over and it’s like taking a Caribbean vacation! Students from grades 7-12 won’t realize that the life experiences they are having are preparing them for improving grades and getting higher SAT and ACT scores.

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David Steel on Ron White’s BrainAthlete Radio


David Steel of Sneez.it as a guest on BlogTalkRadio.com/BrainAthlete David runs a Social media company called Sneez.it. They were recommended for me to interview by Christopher Guerriero who I also interviewed. I can't tell you this is the best show but I believe you will find what others have found that this show is packed with great tips and tools to promote you and your business on Social Media.

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