Brain Athlete Excercises

Brain Exercises


Okay, here are 4 brain exercises that I have learned over the last few years. If you think I just made these up you might want to do a Youtube search on 'brain yoga' and you will find some doctors actually talking about how this stuff works! You know I am a HUGE advocate of [...]

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Know How to Spot Memory Problems


Speaking with most doctors you will find that one of the most asked questions from patients over thirty involves memory loss. Our brains peak in our late twenties, and after that people with an occasional “It’s right on the tip of my tongue,” or “Have you seen my keys?” begins to make people think there [...]

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Learning Language Through Imagery


Ron White the US National Memory Champion teaches keys to memory. In this article we will get into how your senses can be used to help you learn language – either a foreign language or to improve your vocabulary. Many memory centers encourage memorization and vocabulary as a way to learn a new language. They believe this will help you to start “thinking” in that language because you won’t have to keep looking up words and meanings. I want to give you a couple of tips to help you not only memorize faster, but retain it longer.

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Ron White on Improving Your Child’s Grades


Ron White, memory training guy here! I’d like to address the subject of getting kids to do better in school. What can a parent do to motivate a child to stop fooling around and get better grades? One of the most frustrating sentences a parent can hear from a teacher is: “Johnny is really smart, but he’s lazy.” How can you motivate your child to improve his grades and work up to his potential?

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100th Anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity


Ron White memory training expert has created a program on Einstein titled 'How to Develop The Mind of Einstein'. As a student of the life of Einstein Ron White recommends this article with more insight on the genius: Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 8, 2005 One century after Albert Einstein published three of his landmark [...]

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Improve Your Memory through Physical Exercise


Ron White memory training expert recommends this article: We all know that physical exercise builds muscle and improves our overall health and well being. Now it seems that it can also increase brain size leading to improvements in memory, especially in older adults. As adults age an area of the brain called the hippocampus shrinks [...]

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Online Jigsaw Puzzle Game


Ron White Memory Expert and USA Memory Champion recommends this game! Okay, I have won memory tournaments but I after this I am wondering if there are jigsaw tournaments. This was an awesome online game! Now this is FUN and addicting! I do believe that working a jigsaw puzzle can help exercise your brain. I haven't worked a puzzle in years but once I got the hang of this it was addicting :) My time working this jigsaw puzzle was a little over 9 minutes and that was longer than the average. But since it was the first puzzle I have worked in years I just enjoyed the puzzle!

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Do Crossword Puzzles Help Improve Memory


This drives me nuts :) Who am I? My name is Ron White and I am a memory expert and two time USA Memory Champion. Is it going to hurt? No it won't. Does it exercise your brain? Yes it does! Is it better than nothing? Sure it is! However, if you have a student who wants to memorize all the presidents of the US and you tell that student.

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How To Memorize Words Faster And Better


This is the old fashioned, traditional vocabulary improvement method used for a long time in schools as a language learning technique. You probably used this in your primary and high school foreign language classes as homework. Remember your teacher going "I want you to memorize the words on the list at page 5, take them one by one and learn what they mean".

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