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BrainAthlete Radio with Jeff Crilley of Real News PR


eff Crilley was the guest this week on the Sales Mavericks section of BrainAthlete Radio on BlogTalkRadio. It was a great show filled with actionable steps to get the attention of the Press. (all forms, paper, Radio or TV) Listen to the keys to sounding like a subject matter expert (like Ron White on Memory) and not someone just needing the Ad desk.

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Memory Protein Recently Discovered


Being the national memory champion Ron White gave his opinion on a new memory protein recently discovered. This interview talks about the protein emitted when the brain learns something new. They have identified and isolated it. When injected into lab rats they had a huge change memory both short and long term. Ron shares some ways that the mind uses pictures to lock in memories.

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BrainAthlete Radio with Jeff Cockrell of Dale Carnegie


BrainAthlete Radio is all about increasing your business through sales tools and keys to keeping up in the information age.  Jeff Cockrell is a Premier Trainer with Dale Carnegie Training.  Jeff shared several keys to increasing you sales in 2011 with the process they teach at Dale Carnegie.

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BrainAthlete Radio with Guest Tim Connor


Ron White Memory Champion and I host BrainAthlete Radio on . Tim Connor the author of Soft Sell and Corporate Disconnect. Tim covers the block in communications between the vision of the lower level sales managers with the senior executives and compares it to the difference between 500 foot view and the 40K foot view.

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How to get Better Grades in School by Ron White


Ron White the National Memory Champion is always looking for additional ways to add value to his clients and customers. As a Keynote speaker and trainer for America's biggest and brightest minds both now and in the future his memory and accelerated learning techniques are second to none. Recently he started a new radio show on

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Zig Ziglar – How to Memorize Book – Giveaway


We are very excited to bring you this VALUABLE book on How to Memorize Everything!!

Ron White is the 2 time USA Memory Champion and currently holds the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA. To check out his brain in action on The CBS Early Show watch this video

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How I Do It – Ron White Memory Marvel


How do you help someone who has always had trouble with their memory? Your memory is not nearly as bad as you might think. A few years ago, I was a guest at a radio station. The disc jockey wrote a 50-digit number on a sheet of paper. As the listeners enjoyed a song, I memorized the 50-digit number. When the song was over, I proceeded to say the number forward and backward. The disc jockey looked at me in utter disbelief and said, "Ron, you are incredible!"

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Afghanistan Veteran Ron White Wins Second Consecutive USA Memory Championship


White's training system included running through a deck of shuffled cards over 1,520 times and viewing a string of 210 random digits almost 900 times, along with a strict diet and exercise regimen -- including memorizing cards while jogging in place, snorkeling and doing jumping jacks. As a result, White brought his A-game to the championship, memorizing a deck of cards in just over two minutes and memorizing a 140-digit number in five minutes. It was enough to secure his victory.

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Meet Ron White, the Texas-Born Memory Champ You’ll Never Forget


White, an all-American-looking 35-year-old with strawberry-blond hair, blue eyes and dimples, had traveled to Australia to deliver a speech on memory, and, as usual, he dedicated his free time to becoming the No. 1 memorizer in the United States. He put on his mask and snorkel, breathed in and out a few times and grabbed the deck of plastic playing cards from the side of the pool. He started his stopwatch and submerged himself. If he could memorize the order of this deck in close to two minutes underwater, he had it made. Trying to keep his breathing steady without letting it distract him, he flipped through the cards. Each one evoked an image in his mind: the king of hearts was his mother, the jack of hearts was Madonna singing, the five of spades was a friend named Sally whispering into a flip chart.

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