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Don’t Miss Out On Vacation While Preparing For College Admissions


Getting into college has become more and more competitive. In order to get a leg up you need to be prepared. There are college admission tests, the SAT, ACT and scholarship applications to complete. Any student willing to go that extra mile to learn how to get a better grade on the tests, and understand what is expected in the applications, will have an advantage over the rest of the pack trying to get into college.

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Online Jigsaw Puzzle Game


Ron White Memory Expert and USA Memory Champion recommends this game! Okay, I have won memory tournaments but I after this I am wondering if there are jigsaw tournaments. This was an awesome online game! Now this is FUN and addicting! I do believe that working a jigsaw puzzle can help exercise your brain. I haven't worked a puzzle in years but once I got the hang of this it was addicting :) My time working this jigsaw puzzle was a little over 9 minutes and that was longer than the average. But since it was the first puzzle I have worked in years I just enjoyed the puzzle!

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BrainAthlete Radio with Guest Tim Connor


Ron White Memory Champion and I host BrainAthlete Radio on . Tim Connor the author of Soft Sell and Corporate Disconnect. Tim covers the block in communications between the vision of the lower level sales managers with the senior executives and compares it to the difference between 500 foot view and the 40K foot view.

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