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Brain Stem Cells Restore Memory


Radiation therapy utilizes high-energy radiation to shrink and kill cancer cells, but it may be doing much damage to the brain. Although radiation therapy has been the standard of care for patients with brain cancer, it can have severe and devastating side effects such functional learning and memory loss that is progressive, debilitating, and adversely [...]

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Ebooks on REALLY cool Brain Stuff


Ebook on the life of Albert Einstein and lessons from Einstein download here A Glimpse Inside The Enigma Of Albert Einstein - Ebook Ebook on vitamins and supplements for memory! download here Enrich Your Memory With Vitamins - Ebook Ebook, 'How to memorize names, numbers, speeches, playing cards and everything else' How-to-Memorize-EVERYTHING Ebook, Brain Foods!! [...]

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How to Pass The Bar Exam


I have been teaching memory training seminars for TWENTY YEARS!! Every now and then I get a success story like this that gives me the motivation I need to keep going and spreading the word! Recently I received an email from a woman who had my Memory in a Month CD album and was studying [...]

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CIA Memory Training Program


Okay, it is cool to get an email from a student saying that my memory training system, Memory in a Month, helped them with school. So when I got this one from a student who is using my memory system to advance in his career I thought that was totally cool. Here is a quick [...]

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Memory System Review


I spoke for a High School on memory training not long ago and here is a review of my memory training system that I received! Hi Ron, Can the Bartlett party of 3 reschedule our 2-day workshop for another set of dates? You mentioned at the Southlake Sr. High School presentation that if the Feb [...]

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Memory in a Month Review Testimonial


One of the best things about producing a product that helps people improve their memory is getting emails like this one with someone who has had success with my memory training system: From: Scmahady Sent: Tue 2/22/11 1:07 PM To: Ron White Ron, Working with Keith McEachern, I had the good fortune of attending Jeff's Golden [...]

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Memory in a Month Testimonial and Review


It is always nice to get emails from people who are enjoying my memory training program, Memory in a Month, and take the time to give me a review. It makes me feel good to get the review. Here is an email that I just received : From: Matthew Carlson Sent: Thu 8/18/11 11:41 AM [...]

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You Are The Train – Think Like a Navy SEAL


Two-time USA Memory Champion; Ron White memory speaker would like to share with you some lessons on momentum and discipline learned from former U.S. Navy Seal T.C. Cummings. Have you ever heard the expression, “When it rains it pours?” People usually say that when things just keep going from bad to worse. On the other [...]

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