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Below is a video that is about 8 minutes. Basically I cover: 1. I believe I come across as the average man and that is what makes me effective selling memory training 2. Mega Memory was very successful 20 years ago and I believe the market is ripe again 3. I know how to sell [...]

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Ron White Memory Training Course Testimonial


> > Subject: Thank you> > From: sethtberry@yahoo.com> > Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 21:49:31 -0700> > To: ron@ronwhitetraining.com> > > > Dear Ron,  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for inspiring me and giving me courage at a very difficult moment in my life. My closest aunt, who acted like [...]

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How To Memorize Testimonial


From: Johan Snider Sent: Wed 9/07/11 2:49 PM Dear Mr. White, I just finished the book 30 seconds ago and I LOVED it. As a freshman in college I know that this system will help me more than any other tool I have. Before you gave your presentation at LEAP this year. I told you that I was looking forward [...]

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How to Pass The Bar Exam


I have been teaching memory training seminars for TWENTY YEARS!! Every now and then I get a success story like this that gives me the motivation I need to keep going and spreading the word! Recently I received an email from a woman who had my Memory in a Month CD album and was studying [...]

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CIA Memory Training Program


Okay, it is cool to get an email from a student saying that my memory training system, Memory in a Month, helped them with school. So when I got this one from a student who is using my memory system to advance in his career I thought that was totally cool. Here is a quick [...]

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Memory System Review


I spoke for a High School on memory training not long ago and here is a review of my memory training system that I received! Hi Ron, Can the Bartlett party of 3 reschedule our 2-day workshop for another set of dates? You mentioned at the Southlake Sr. High School presentation that if the Feb [...]

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Memory in a Month Review Testimonial


One of the best things about producing a product that helps people improve their memory is getting emails like this one with someone who has had success with my memory training system: From: Scmahady Sent: Tue 2/22/11 1:07 PM To: Ron White Ron, Working with Keith McEachern, I had the good fortune of attending Jeff's Golden [...]

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Memory in a Month Testimonial and Review


It is always nice to get emails from people who are enjoying my memory training program, Memory in a Month, and take the time to give me a review. It makes me feel good to get the review. Here is an email that I just received : From: Matthew Carlson Sent: Thu 8/18/11 11:41 AM [...]

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